Single-sided / Double-sided / Special shape

Lightboxes are an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor advertising on the facades. They are also much more affordable than other products of the same range.

Lightboxes are installed by our specialized team.
At low heights the installation is done using a ladder, at medium ones a scaffolding and at great heights with aerial work platforms.

The price of a lightbox depends on its size, the materials used and the type of lighting.

We can create custom-sized and shaped lightboxes for any of your projects.


The standard lightboxes are:

Single-sided lightboxes

➲ Single-sided cassettes (single face/one lit face);

Double-Sided Lightboxes

➲ Double-sided cassettes (Double face/both side lit face);

Special-Shaped lightboxes

➲ Special Shaped cassettes (with custom-made shapes);

PVC, Plexiglas, Alucobond, Aluminum


Our lightboxes can also be classified according to the materials used to make them: :

➲ With plexiglas surface/surfaces and aluminum profiles;
➲ Lightboxes with plexiglas surface/surfaces and PVC profiles;
➲ Luminous tiles with tensile polypropylene surface/surfaces (special aluminum profiles);
➲ Lightboxes with surfaces of alucobond - cut - and Plexiglas;
➲ Illuminated boxes with affixed volumetric letters;

LED lights are up to 70% more economical, through electrical efficiency, than fluorescent tube lights and neon lamps.

Even though initial production costs are lower for neon and fluorescent lights,
WE RECOMMEND the use of LED lighting because the same costs are amortized in less than a year through the costs of electrical bills alone.

In addition to many other benefits, lightboxes can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing for infinite creativity. In many cases the lights are fully programmable and display a wide range of colors.

LED Modules We Use


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